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What are the different roles and permissions within AVAIL?

There are two main application roles in AVAIL (Publishers and Consumers), and two administrative roles (User Admins and Billing Admins).

  • Publisher – Publishers have the ability to create Channels, add or remove content from Channels they have created or where the have been made an editor, share channels, and edit tags.
  • Consumer – Consumers can view and consume content from Channels that have been shared with them. If set as an Editor, they can also add or remove content on a per Channel basis and edit the tags.
  • User Admin – User Admins are able to adjust administrative settings. They can add and remove users from the plan, set application roles, and manage account settings.
  • Billing Admin - Is the contact for any billing communications

Application roles occupy a licensed seat on a plan, but administrative roles do not.

It is not required to have an application role in order to have an administrative role or vice versa.


Channels can only be seen by the Author of the Channel, and those they have shared the Channel with.

A user can only edit a Channel if they are the Author or they have been made an Editor on the Channel.

  Publishers Consumers User Admins Billing Admins
Create Channels KB Checkmark-1      
Add or remove content from Channels they created KB Checkmark-1      
Share Channels they created KB Checkmark-1      
Edit tags on Channels they created KB Checkmark-1      
Add or remove content, share, or edit Tags on Channels they can only View        
Can be made an Editor on a per Channel basis (able to add or remove content, share the Channel, and edit tags)

KB Checkmark-1

KB Checkmark-1    
Occupy a seat on the plan KB Checkmark-1 KB Checkmark-1    
Access Thumbnail Generator in AVAIL Browser for Revit KB Checkmark-1      
Add or remove users from a Plan     KB Checkmark-1  

Adjust Plan settings in the Manage Portal (such as Marketplace access

    KB Checkmark-1  
Select a users Role     KB Checkmark-1  
Receives Plan billing communications       KB Checkmark-1