How Do I Share My Channel?

Adding and removing users to a Channel

By default, all Channels are only viewable by the person who created the Channel (the Author).

When you are ready to share your Channel with other users, there are two ways to get started. 

A user can only share a Channel if they are the Author or an Editor on the Channel.

  1. From the AVAIL Home menu, right-click on the Channel Card and select View Channel Details. In the Channel Details Panel on the right, select Edit Shared Users.
  2. Or, in the Channel itself, select the Shared Users Icon Shared Users icon from the Publisher Bar towards the top right.

This will take you to the Channel Members page.

Channel Members


When sharing a Channel, you may have noticed the checkbox stating "Show Groups Only."

Show Groups Checkmark

If you select this box, the option to share with Everyone in My Plan is immediately available in AVAIL. This is the simplest option to ensure a Channel is shared with everyone on your plan without having to add people individually.

Currently, there is not an option to create groups in AVAIL directly, but it can be done through Active Directory.

Search for members on your team and select the create channel icon to add them to your Channel.

Tip: Search for, and add, Everyone in My Plan to save time instead of adding members one by one.


Adjust whether they Can View or Can Edit the from the dropdown. 

Edit dropdown


The User Added checkmark indicates that the user has been added to the Channel


If you need to remove a user from a Channel, hover over the User Added checkmark and select the Remove User-1 Remove User icon. 


Last but not least, be sure to select Save and Close, to save any changes that have been made. An email notification will go to the users to let them know they have been added to the Channel!


Sharing lots of Channels and don't want to inundate users with email notifications? The plan Admin can disable the Channel Share Email Notification by going to the Manage Portal, under the Settings tab.