How to use the Tag Import Tool

Quickly and easily copy Tags from content in one Channel to content in another.


  • Must have edit permissions in both Channels; the Channel you want to copy tags from, and the Channel you would like to copy tags to.

How to use the Tag Import Tool

  1. Open the Channel Tools Lens by selecting the Channel Tools button on the far right of the application (must have edit permissions in the Channel to see this button)
  2. Select Go to Tag Import Tool
  3. Select the Channel to copy tags from. Only Channels in which you have edit permissions will appear.
  4. Check the tag Keys you would like to copy
  5. Select Apply Tags to process

What is the Tag Import Tool?

The Tag Import Tool enables you to copy the tags on content from one Channel to content in another Channel, based on filename.

More specifically, for each piece of content in the Source Channel the tool will:

  1. Look for content in the current channel with the same name
  2. Apply all tags from the matching piece of content in the Source Channel to the content in the current Channel.

For a recommended workflow using the Tag Import Tool when upgrading Revit content, visit our article Upgrading Revit Content with AVAIL

Other Notes on the Tag Import Tool

  • Existing tags will not be removed from the content in either Channel during this process. If you wish to remove tags, we recommend using Tag IO.
  • What happens if there are duplicates in either Channel?
    • Tags from the matching file(s) in the Source Channel, will be applied to all corresponding files in the receiving Channel.