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Updating Revit Content with AVAIL

Updating Revit Content with AVAIL

Unique to AVAIL, the metadata (Key Filters and Tags) that is generated from structured or unstructured data, follows the file and not the Channel in which it is indexed. This is what allows you to move content from one channel to another while keeping the metadata intact.  The same happens when you index the same content from a different location.  If the underlying file is exactly the same, the metadata will appear after indexing has been completed.  Below is an outline of how you can utilize AVAIL to upgrade your content while retaining the work you have done to organize and curate your content (e.g. Tag).     

Upgrade Instructions:


GUID - Globally Unique Identifier assigned by AVAIL for each piece of content

HASH ID - Unique Binary Identifier assigned by Windows for each piece of content

Sample Scenario:


  • Revit | 2019 (Contains current 2019 Revit Content)
  • Revit | 2020 (Empty channel for upcoming 2020 Revit Content)

Content Location

  • E:\\Example_Location\Revit2019\Library
  • E:\\Example_Location\Revit2020\Library


  1. Re-Index content from ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2019\Library into the ‘Revit | 2019’ Channel.  This ensures all  ‘Hash IDs’ are current in case any has changed since last sync. 
  2. Copy all content from ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2019\Library’ to ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2020\Library’
  3. Here is where you can change the name of the content if that is required.
  4. Index content from ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2020\Library’ into the ‘Revit | 2020’ Channel 
  5. Upgrade all content in  ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2020\Library’ to Revit 2020 using a bulk upgrade tool such as Bulk File Upgrader
  6. Re-Index content from ‘ ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2020\Library into the ‘Revit | 2020’ Channel. 
  7. Open the Tags & Filters Panel in AVAIL for the ‘Revit | 2020’ Channel and delete the Tag “Revit 2019” from the Revit Version Key Filter.  

Please contact support@getavail.com if you need any assistance or have any additional questions around bulk upgrading your content to newer Revit Versions.