Updating Revit Content With AVAIL

Import existing tags from one Channel to another

The Tag Import Tool allows for a simple workflow to copy tags from one Channel to another.

Sample Scenario:


  • Channel A (Contains current 2022 Revit Content)
  • Channel B (New Channel for 2023 Revit Content)

Content Location

  • E:\\Example_Location\Revit2022\Library
  • E:\\Example_Location\Revit2023\Library


  1. Copy all content from ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2022\Library’ to ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2023\Library’
  2. Upgrade all content in  ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2023\Library’ to Revit 2023 using a bulk upgrade tool
  3. Index content from ‘E:\\Example_Location\Revit2023\Library’ into ‘Channel B’
  4. In Channel B, open the Channel Tools Lens and select the Tag Import Tool (Edit permissions in Channel required)
  5. Select to import tags from Channel A
  6. Check the tag Keys you would like to copy. To prevent copying the incorrect version tag, uncheck the Key for Revit Version.
  7. Select Apply Tags to process. Done!

Please contact support@getavail.com if you need any assistance or have any additional questions around bulk upgrading your content to newer Revit Versions.