How to Subscribe to and Share a Marketplace Channel

Adding a Marketplace Channel and sharing it with other users on your plan.

Subscribe to a Marketplace Channel

Share a Marketplace Channel

Subscribe to a Marketplace Channel

  • The AVAIL Marketplace is only visible to users assigned the Publisher role.
  • If you are a Publisher but don't see the Marketplace, the Marketplace may have been disabled by a plan Admin. The Marketplace can be enabled or disabled by Admins in the AVAIL Manage Portal.

  • Select the Marketplace button.

  • Select the Marketplace Channel you would like to subscribe to.
  • Select the toggle button to subscribe or unsubscribe. The Channel will now appear in your Home menu.

Share a Marketplace Channel with other users

Sharing a Marketplace Channel is like sharing a Channel you have created.

  • In the Channel, select the Shared Users Icon Shared Users button
  • Add the team members or groups that need access to the Channel and set to Can View or Can Edit (edit permissions will allow users to copy Marketplace content to other channels).
  • Select Save and Close

For more on sharing a Channel, visit How do I share my Channel?

Tip: Save space and download time by setting a central cache location for Marketplace Channels!

Learn more here: How to set the Download Location for Marketplace Channels