What are Application Mappings?

Application Mappings allow Publishers to highlight content relevant to the specific application that the end user is searching from.

For example:

If a user is working in Revit 2023 and performs a search from the AVAIL for Revit Add-in, the Desktop results will prioritize content from Channel Groups belonging to the “Revit 2023” mapping instead of an indiscriminate search among all AVAIL content.

Learn more about Channel Groups: Getting Started with Channel Groups

Default Global search:

Search mapped to Revit 2023:

Managing Application Mappings:

  • Select the User Profile drop-down
  • Select Manage Application Mappings

  • Select the application from the Applications section
  • Add a Channel Group by selecting the + button next to the group in the Available Channel Groups section
  • Prioritize the Channel Groups by selecting the up and down arrows
  • Remove a Channel Group from an Application Mapping by selecting the remove (x) button next to the group