AVAIL Host in Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of common questions around AVAIL Host in Cloud


How is content managed using AVAIL Host in Cloud?

Publishers (editors of the channel) manage content locally and decide when to publish updates to the cloud. The Channel is mirrored in a secure cloud location hosted by AVAIL (Cloud Host).

Consumers (view only permission) will see and consume from the Cloud Host requiring them to download content for use.

All editing of content (i.e. adding, removing, tagging, etc) is performed locally (the Master file) and must be pushed to the Cloud Host.

Editors of the channel will see the option to switch their view between Local (the Master) or Cloud.

What Pricing Plans include AVAIL Host in Cloud functionality?

Currently AVAIL Host in Cloud is included with the AVAIL and Enterprise Pricing plans.

Is there an additional cost?

There is not! Though data limits do apply. 

What are the data limits for AVAIL Host in Cloud?

Enterprise plans include:                                                                                                     - 1GB of storage aggregate per baseline user (ex. 100 baseline users = 100GB storage for the plan)                                                                                                           -2GB of egress per baseline user per month                                                       Contact AVAIL Support (support@getavail.com) with additional data limit questions.

How do I turn on AVAIL Host in Cloud for my plan?

AVAIL Host in Cloud functionality is not on by default. The process is simple, just send a quick request to support@getavail.com. 

Can we index content from other cloud-hosted locations, such as Panzura or Google Drive?

Yes! Using tools today, such as Google Drive File Stream, you can sync to your local server, where it can then be indexed right into AVAIL.

AVAIL is also developing connectors to connect directly to the cloud sources themselves.

We are accustomed to a lot of latency when trying to access content in the cloud. Is AVAIL doing anything to speed up this process?

We are! Having to wait for each file to be downloaded or synced so you can view the thumbnail can be a major source of frustration and waste of time.

With AVAIL you can virtualize the thumbnails for nearly instantaneous images, enabling users to dramatically decrease frustrating and inefficient wait times.

This is an additional feature that is included for Enterprise users and can be turned on by request!