Why Aren't My Files Appearing In My Channel?

Common problems (and solutions) users may face when first indexing files with AVAIL

For AVAIL Desktop version 4.3 and later

Version 4.3 introduced an improved indexing flow and removed the AVAIL Sync Service.

If content is not indexing, possible causes may be:

  • The file is locked by another application (for example, a file is open in Revit)
    • Try closing the file and the application which may have the file locked and indexing again.
  • Security settings may be blocking access to needed sites

If you are still experiencing issues, email us at support@getavail.com


For AVAIL Desktop versions 4.2 and earlier

The indexing may still be processing

This is the most common occurrence. The "Processing" indicator will often go away before the processing has completely finished. Try refreshing the Channel (right-click and select Refresh Channel, press F5, or leave and then return to the Channel) to see if the content has now appeared.

Several factors can affect the amount of time it takes for the indexing process to complete: the number of files, file size, internet speeds, amount of tags being generated, etc.

Your network outbound traffic also greatly affects indexing speeds. Generally, indexing will complete within a few minutes but the above factors can cause it to take significantly longer.


Verify that the AVAIL Sync Service is running

In the Windows search bar, search for Services and open the Services App. Locate the AVAIL Sync Service. The Status should be set to Running. If it is not, you can right-click and select 'Start' to start the service and that should complete the indexing process.
If the status is Running and you've waited for a significant amount of time, but the content still hasn't appeared, reach out for further support at support@getavail.com.