What Does It Mean To Be "Content Agnostic"?

A quick video explaining what we mean by content agnostic.



Hey everybody, I wanted to spend a couple of minutes with you guys talking about what it means to be content-agnostic inside of AVAIL. We have lots of conversations actually around what this means, and we thought it'd be good to spend just a few minutes covering this commonly asked question. AVAIL is completely content agnostic, and what that means is that we have indexed over 750 unique file types into AVAIL, or our customers have for that matter.

When people commonly ask us, "Well, do you support SketchUp? Do you support Rhino? Do you sport AutoCAD, PDF, photos, Excel, on and on?" The answer pretty much is always yes. The AVAIL desktop interface is completely content agnostic, so you can put any content that you want inside of the AVAIL desktop without limitation, even proprietary file types, even things like URLs, you can index URLs into the AVAIL desktop and you ensure those channels and your end-users, your consumers, will have access to that content.

Putting content into AVAIL, any type of content, is not the extent of what it means to be content-agnostic. Anytime you put content into a content management system, you're going to want to be able to do something with that content as well. Inside of the AVAIL desktop, you can drag and drop content out of the desktop interface, into any other application that supports drag-and-drop and that specific file type. And our favorite example to show is just simply SketchUp.

I can drag and drop SketchUp content out of the AVAIL desktop directly into SketchUp. I can do all of this without having any special plugin or anything going on in the back end. We do create browsers for technical pieces of software like Revit or Rhino or any of the others that we have in the development pipeline, but any piece of software that knows what to do with drag and drop and knows what to do with the file type, you can move that content out of the desktop interface and into that other application.

That, in a nutshell, is what it means to be file type agnostic with AVAIL. You can index any file type that you have into the content management system, you can share that content out with people in your plan, and then if you want to take that content and move it into another application, all that you need to do is just drag and drop that content out of the desktop directly into your other piece of software.

So if you all are looking at this and you have any other questions, anything else comes to mind, you want to reach out to us, I'm going to just open up my slide here, feel free to reach out to us at sales@getAVAIL.com for demos and product questions. Or if you have technical help, you can reach out to support@getAVAIL.com. Thanks very much.