Browsing URL's In AVAIL

Viewing URLs within AVAIL



All right. So in this is quick video, what I'm going to cover is how you can actually view URLs in AVAIL. So one great thing about the Desktop and AVAIL in general is that you can put any kind of content you want into the Desktop here and access all of that content and view it from right here. So what I'm in right now is the URLs channel (created like any other channel). And a lot of people like to use URLs within AVAIL for inspiration or Google Sheets or Google Docs, applications that are web-based, intranet sites. So really anything that is URL based or web page based, you can index that into AVAIL. So you can think of this as really kind of a bookmark manager with the ability to view this right in line with AVAIL, without needing to leave the desktop application. So what this looks like is, here's a website for American Standard. So if you're looking for inspiration for interior design, you can go through here and look at the American Standard website.

And really it's the ability to browse these things that's really important, because what we're trying to do with AVAIL is make sure that your team can access as much information as possible in one place so they can make informed decisions for their designs. So again, that could be an intranet site. It could be inspiration, like these manufacturer's websites. Really it's completely up to you. We've seen people use Google Docs, Google Sheets, anything that's web-based, again, you can index into AVAIL. So that's something that not a lot of people know about, but something that a lot of firms are beginning to use, especially with the intranet part of this. Thanks for watching.