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Subscription Changes Beginning June 2021

What you need to know about upcoming plan, pricing and licensing changes for AVAIL

Beginning June 1, AVAIL will be simplifying and adding more flexibility to plan options.


  • Basic and Team plans will be consolidated into a single plan called AVAIL.  With a base  price of $200/user/year, all users will now have access to expanded features, including unlimited Channels, up to 50,000 items per Channel, Thumbnail Virtualization, AVAIL Host in Cloud and AVAIL Harvest.
  • A Monthly payment option ($20/user/month) will now be available, in addition to our Annual option ($200/user/year)
  • Current Basic and Team subscriptions will be honored through the remainder of the current subscription, plus one additional year
  • Multi-year Enterprise contracts are not effected by these changes

General Questions

Will I be affected by these changes and when do these changes take effect?

The plans will be changed beginning June 1, 2021 and available on the AVAIL Pricing Page.


For any plans purchased before June 1, 2021 pricing will be honored through the remainder of the current subscription, plus one additional year.

For example, if you purchased a plan in May of 2021, your plan would maintain the same pricing until May of 2023 and include the expanded features.

We will also honor the pricing with any additional seats purchased within the "grandfathered" period.

The grandfathered pricing will not be available if you switch to Monthly billing.


Plans purchased on or after June 1, 2021 will be according to the new pricing.

What are the plans, the cost, and what is included?



Monthly $20/user or

Annually $200/user


Contact Us - Starts at $200/user/year

  • 1 Publisher and unlimited Consumers
  • AVAIL Browser integration for Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD/Civil 3D, SketchUp, and 3ds Max
  • AVAIL Marketplace access (some Channels require additional paid subscriptions)

Up to 2 custom Channels

1,500 items per Channel

All Features in Free, plus:

Unlimited Channels

50,000 items per Channel

All Features of the AVAIL plan, plus:

  • AVAIL Stream automation
  • Single Sign-on: User authentication and Group management



Unlimited Channels

50,000 items per Channel


Why are the plans changing and the cost increasing?

Consolidating the Basic and Team plans into the AVAIL plan simplifies the product offerings while providing more flexibility by including Monthly or Annual payment options. 

The increased price enables us to include more features and invest in the development and improvement of the AVAIL platform. Features that were previously restricted to AVAIL Enterprise will be available for all customers, including: AVAIL Harvest for Revit, AVAIL Host in Cloud, Thumbnail Virtualization, and unlimited Channels.

Can I mix and match Annual and Monthly users?

No, at this time users on the same plan must be on the same billing option.

Can I add Free users to my AVAIL or Enterprise plan?

No, all users on the same plan must be the same subscription option.

How do I enable Host in Cloud?

Beginning June 1, 2021, AVAIL Host in Cloud will be included in AVAIL and Enterprise plans. A plan Admin can enable Host in Cloud by logging into the AVAIL Manage Portal, going to the Settings tab, and toggling on the Host in Cloud setting. Data limitations apply.

What are the Host in Cloud data limits?

1GB of storage aggregate per paid user (ex. 50 users = 50GB storage for the plan)

2GB of egress per paid user per month

How can I change plans or switch between Monthly and Annual billing?

To adjust a plan between Monthly or Annual billing contact us at support@getavail.com.

Free plans can be upgraded to AVAIL plans in the AVAIL Manage Portal from the Dashboard tab.

To upgrade to an Enterprise plan, contact us at support@getavail.com.

How do I add or remove users from my plan?

To adjust your number of users, contact support@getavail.com.