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Plans, Pricing, and Licensing

A quick summary of AVAIL's different packages and options

Plans and Pricing

For complete details on pricing and features for our plans, visit our pricing page. If you select the Purchase buttons under the Basic or Team plans, you'll be taken to a pricing calculator page where you can get an accurate estimate based on number of users.

If you are interested in more specific pricing for our Enterprise plan, please email sales@getavail.com.


Try AVAIL as a content management solution for an unlimited period of time.
What a Free plan can do:

    • Create channels and manage content
    • Utilize the AVAIL Desktop and browsers (Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD/Civil3D, SketchUp, and 3ds Max)
    • Start collaborating! Create a team consisting of 1 Publisher and unlimited Consumers
    • Create up to 2 channels, 1,500 items per channel


Ready for a better way to organize and consume your content libraries? Purchase the AVAIL Basic Plan!

    • $100 per user/year, annual term
    • All features of the Free plan and...
    • Manage users through the AVAIL Management Portal, assign as many Publishers as you need
    • AVAIL Analytics
    • Create up to 25 channels, 10,000 items per channel


For teams ready to make AVAIL their solution for Content Management and expand their workflow capabilities.

    • Starts at $150 per user/year, $3,750 minimum annual purchase. Annual term.
    • Volume discounts available
    • All features of the Basic plan and...
    • AVAIL Browser for Revit - Project Mode
    • Data Studio analytics dashboards
    • Flags and comments for in app collaboration
    • Create up to 100 channels, 25,000 items per channel


For teams requiring advanced workflows, deep analytics, and SSO capability.

    • Starts at $200 per user/year. Multi-year term.
      • Volume discounts available, contact sales@getavail.com to learn more
    • All features of the Team Plan and...
      • Single sign-on: user authentication and user group management
      • Automated publishing through AVAIL Stream
      • AVAIL Harvest for Revit
      • Unlimited channels, 50,000 items per channel


    How is AVAIL licensed? 

    Licenses are assigned to a specific user login (named user). The AVAIL software may be installed on multiple computers and the license may be accessed for use on one of these machines in a non-concurrent fashion.

    How can I share content outside of my network?

    At this time, content can be shared with any users on the same plan. Sharing outside of your plan via AVAIL is not currently available but these capabilities are coming to AVAIL soon. 

    In order to share with someone outside your company, you can add them to your plan. With our new Host in Cloud feature for Enterprise customers, you are able to collaborate outside your network, using your AVAIL plan. 

    Does the agreement cover updates?

    Yes! All AVAIL users are entitled to updates and enhancements that are made generally available.

    Does the license term automatically renew?

    Yes, AVAIL licenses automatically renew unless cancelled.


    How does AVAIL handle licensing users for Enterprise subscriptions?

    Enterprise subscriptions are 3-year terms, with annual baseline adjustments based on Average Monthly Users (AMUs), with a minimum baseline of 50 users. 

    At the beginning of the term, a baseline number of users is determined for the first year of billing. An unlimited number of users may use AVAIL Enterprise in addition to the baseline users during any subscription period. Annually, AVAIL looks at the number of AMUs from the past 6 months to determine if the baseline should be adjusted for the next year.

    How are the number of Average Monthly Users (AMUs) determined?

    Average Monthly Users are the average number of users who use AVAIL Enterprise each month. AVAIL looks at the AMUs during a previous period to determine the baseline. A user is counted when they make an action (called an event), such as indexing or searching for content in the AVAIL software.

    What is the level of support provided in an Enterprise contract?

    AVAIL is committed to providing the highest quality support! We constantly work to improve our response times, quickly get you in touch with the subject matter expert (CEO included), and won’t hesitate to hop on a call or screen share to help solve an issue.  

    Per the official paperwork, the AVAIL service availability goal is 99.9% up-time per year, not including scheduled maintenance.

    Service requests will be responded to within 8 hours (and typically much sooner!), during business hours. 

    Our Customer Success Team is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). In case of production down, please notify your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

    Via Email: support@getavail.com

    Via Telephone: +1.859.963.1616 ext 103

    What is directory service integration? What systems do you integrate with and how is it accomplished?

    Enterprise contracts offer integration with your SSO providers like Active Directory, Azure and others. Our Development team will work with your firm's IT Admin to make the integration, and AVAIL will help configure installers to perform as requested and as necessary for firm-wide deployment. Any user on your SSO will be automatically authenticated for AVAIL without the need to manage separate logins.