When Attempting To Use AVAIL Harvest, I Received A Message Saying "Need Admin Approval"

Adjusting permissions to integrate AVAIL Harvest with Azure SSO

If you see the following message when attempting to use AVAIL Harvest...

Add 6 Microsoft Graph API Permissions in Azure

To do so:
  • In Azure Active Directory, navigate to App Registrations > then to the AVAIL app > API Permissions 
  • Click Add a permission
  • In right panel, click Microsoft Graph > Delegated permissions
  • Check email, offline_access, openid, profile, Groups.Read.All, User.Read
  • Click Add Permissions button at bottom of panel
  • Click Grant Admin Consent
API Permissions
(Not pictured, 'Groups.Read.All' and 'User.Read' permissions)
Once you've added those permissions, relaunch Revit and open AVAIL Harvest for Revit.