Revit Workflow Changes in AVAIL Browser for Revit 5.0

A summary of the new Revit workflow using AVAIL Browser for Revit 5.0


The new AVAIL Browser for Revit 5.0 interface introduces a simplified Revit workflow experience. The browsing experience has now been primarily been moved into a single interface using the AVAIL Desktop.

Selecting the AVAIL button from the Revit Add-ins tab will now launch the AVAIL Desktop instead of a Revit panel.

The AVAIL Desktop provides a simpler and richer search experience with the ability to search across all channels, more prominent Tags, and the option to enable Key Cards.

When the Revit content is located (RFA, RVT, or Harvested element), users can simply drag and drop the element(s) directly from the AVAIL Desktop into Revit.

The AVAIL Revit Add-in will automatically display a pop-up which allows users to specify exactly which types they would like to load. They can also browse the parameters of the family through the pop-up.

For more details on the new workflow, view the video at the top of this article.