How to Run the 'Support Utility for AVAIL'

The 'Support Utility for AVAIL' packages up AVAIL log files into an easy-to-share zip file.

These logs are individually available in C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\AVAIL, alsoThe Support Utility for AVAIL is a standalone utility installed with the AVAIL Desktop which makes it simple and quick to collect AVAIL log files. 

If you have experienced an issue or bug with the software, running the utility and sharing with us the zip file it creates may help us identify and resolve the issue more quickly.

How to use the Support Utility for AVAIL

  • Closes all instances of AVAIL (you may need to close Revit entirely)
  • Type 'Support Utility' in your Windows search bar and select the Support Utility for AVAIL app.
  • Select Run Utility.
  • Select Open Zip Location, this should take you directly to the zip file location.
  • Send the zip file to along with a description of the issue and any additional helpful information.

Logs are also individually available at C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\AVAIL