How to Index URLs With Thumbnails In AVAIL

How to index URLs into AVAIL and include a thumbnail image in your channel.


Let's take a look at indexing URLs into AVAIL. For the sake of the demo, I've squeezed three windows onto our screen. On the right here we have our AVAIL desktop and I've got a channel that I created that's just called 'test' and the top left is which we're going to index today. And then down here is just a simple URLs folder where I'm going to be planning to store my URL and a corresponding image to be used as a thumbnail. It's really simple in terms of simply dragging and dropping. You just click on your URL and you can bring that right over into AVAIL in order to index. But if you do that then you won't have an associated thumbnail with that URL and a thumbnail can make it a lot easier to quickly identify what it is that you are clicking on.

So my recommendation is to instead take that URL and drag it into your folder, which you've created. And now you can see down here I've got my AVAIL URL. And then secondly I want to associate a thumbnail with it. So what I've done here is just found our AVAIL logo and I'm going to click and I'm going to drag that down into here as well. Now a key step to associate the thumbnail with the URL is just to give it the same name. So in this case I'm going to simply rename this AVAIL and do the same thing for our image. Call that AVAIL. Now it has a different extension it's a .png and AVAIL can automatically recognize the difference and associate those two things together. So now if I click and I drag this URL right over into avail, we're going to say okay to this, and it lets us know that we're about to index some content and I'm going to say next. And then you have your normal, you know, selecting your files. You can add any filters you want, add tags as you'd like to just by entering it and pressing enter. And then I hit done and now it's going to process. And then in a moment we'll refresh our channel.

Right. I've right-clicked and selected refresh channel and now my URL is indexed into my channel. If I select that and then I select onto the 'Properties' panel, I'm able to view it right inside of the AVAIL desktop and I can browse around, click through and find whatever it is that I might be looking for. So I hope that helps you out with indexing URLs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to and look forward to it.