How to Add / Remove Tags in AVAIL

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AVAIL Publishing - Adding Removing Tags

For those of you that are publishers, let me show you a couple of tricks that might help you when you're trying to add/remove tags around your content. So for example, if I wanted to add tags, you can right click on a piece of content, for example. So let me go search. I'll go look for some tables, for example. And let's look at this. We'll go to this table and we want to make it... It says rectangular, but maybe we want to add a rectangle tag. You can right click and say add/remove tags. And you can see here I've got a list of all the tags that exist. And it's very quick for me to come in and say, "Okay, I just want to say that this now is a rectangle." And just like that, I've added that tag, and I hit okay. Now, it's going to refresh and it's going to come back to where I was and now I've got this nice rectangle tag.

Now, it's going to put it in what we call a key word, and you can see that down here at the bottom it says rectangle. Now, if I don't want that rectangle to no longer be within the key word, then I can come into my tags and filter section and come and find my rectangle value that's within the key words. So I can come down, I can find keyword. I can search even by value, if I want to click on the value this way, which is probably a lot easier. I can come find my rectangle very fast and I can say, "Okay, I no longer want this to be keyword. I want the rectangle to be," maybe a category, for example. So I can come here and change this category. I'm not going to change it here in my demo. But you can see here that I can easily change it to a shape or if I want a new key.

In fact, what if I did want a new key? So I could right click and I could go edit keys and I could say, "Hey, I have a new key and I want to call this a shape key." And so I click on add key. I say okay. I did it within the rectangle, and so now you can see that I've added the shape with the rectangle. And so now it's at the bottom. Don't forget that for your active keys enabled and make this active, you should probably change this to 10. And then I'm going to drag this up to the top and I'm going to come up here and you can see I've got all kinds of keys. And I'm going to put this right at the bottom. So now you can see that that rectangle is a shape there. So now I'm going to come back into my AVAIL [inaudible 00:02:26] 2019 channel. And now you'll be able to see that I have a shape called a rectangle, and it brings me to here. So great, I can right click, I can go add and so forth.

Now, what if I wanted others to have that? So I'm going to click off here and I'm right back and say... There's other rectangles, right? So let's say that this table dining room here is also. So if I now come here and say add/remove tags, I can simply come in and say rectangle. Then notice that the rectangle's already tied with the shape. So I simply click here, I add it, click okay. It doesn't go add another rectangle key. This is the key. So now when I click here, I have two rectangle tables.

And then when it comes to removing tags, one of the things that you want to understand is that there's a lot of different tags and they might not all be in common. So it's kind of hard to just list, "Hey, here's a list of tags that you need to remove," or maybe you want to add to multiple, for example. So certainly if I wanted to add and hold the controls key down and I want to go to all these and make these all rectangles here, I can right click and say add tags. But notice that the remove tags is not there because I don't know all the tags are not all in common between those, all four of those pieces of content.

So what's an easier way for me to do that or remove content from those different tags? So here's what's neat. As a publisher, you have the right to create channels. And so I can come up and say, "Okay, I'm going to create a new channel." I'm going to click on the plus button and I'm going to call this a scratch channel. Now, this isn't shared with anybody. This belongs to me as the publisher. And because I haven't shared with it, nobody else can see whatever content I move here. And the beauty about AVAIL is is that all the metadata follows the content. It doesn't follow the channel. So I can come back to the AVAIL [inaudible 00:04:22] 2019 channel. I'm going to come back and I'm going to search tables, and I'm back to where I started.

So let's go ahead and grab all these rectangle tables just like this. And sorry, I was holding down the shift key. I'm going to hold down the control key and I'm going to grab these four rectangle tables. So now I can right click and now I can go add to a channel. By adding to a channel, I can go find my scratch channel, which is right here. I'm going to hit, not copy, I'm going to hit move. So when I hit move, it moves it out of the [inaudible 00:04:59] 2019 channel. Notice they're gone. Now, does that mean they're gone forever? No, I can move them into my scratch channel. I can do all the editing that I want and then I can move them back. So now I'm only dealing with these four pieces of content. Now look what happens. I come to my scratch channel and now it's really easy for me to come in and take care of all this. So I can get rid of the this tag, for example.

Maybe I want these all to be under the rectangle tag, so I'll show you how to do that in just a second. But you can come here and edit all of your tags and say, "Oh, maybe I don't want something else. So all these look pretty good. They're not bad." But now I can come here and I can click on all four. I can just select all. I can make sure I add tags. You can see that I've got rectangle, right? Now these all exist. It all exists for that one. I hit okay, right? That all now gets updated. So when I click on rectangle, they all four show up. I feel like this is pretty good. I don't like the demo keywords. So now I can come back in and I can find demo, and I can set delete tags and that demo's going off all four of those. So I don't need that anymore.

So now I feel pretty good about my four pieces of content that I've been editing. And I've got those all ready to go. So now all I got to do is hit shift, right? I can right click, I can add to a channel. I click go back to my [inaudible 00:06:36] 2019 channel and I hit move. And just like that, all the contents right back in [inaudible 00:06:44] '19.

The scratch channels completely empty. And I can now come back, click on tables, and there you go. I have my rectangles, which are my four, and I've removed the demo and the other tags associated that I wanted to clean up. And just like that, I've taken care of all my tables. So remember, as you're working with tags and content, you can move that content, any of these channels, move it around. If you've got a channel that you want to just, "Hey, this is bad," or it's maybe trash content or you want to fix it, or there's a mistake, get it out of there. Don't let the users be able to use that now. Put it in a different channel, get it fixed, and then move it back. So just remember, it's a reference so you can use that content. You can drag content around, move it, copy it, do all kinds of things with that content around AVAIL. Hope this helps. And we'll see you next time.