How Does AVAIL Determine the Distribution Folder Names When Harvesting Elements from an RVT?

The Revit 'Project Name' is used as the top level folder for harvested elements

The Distribution Location is where AVAIL Harvest will extract the selected elements to during the harvesting process.

In the selected location, Harvest will output the extracted files into folders based on the Project Name and the Element Type.

For example, let's say you are harvesting Drafting Views where E:\Harvest is the Distribution Location, and the Project Name in Revit is Sample House, the folder structure output would be E:\Harvest\Sample House\Drafting Views\[Name of Element].rvt

Setting the Project Name of an RVT

  • In Revit, open the project RVT
  • Select the Manage tab
  • Select Project Information
  • Adjust the Project Name value to the correct Project Name


Adjusting the folder names or moving harvested content to a new location after harvest processing will cause the content not to behave as intended. 

To adjust the Project Name folder, update the Project Name in Revit, and re-harvest.