How Do I Re-Index My Content If I Have Renamed Folders?

I recently renamed some of my folders that contain AVAIL files and found that broke the link from AVAIL to the folder. Now, I'm having to re-drag all of my content. Is there an easier way to re-link the folder to AVAIL?

If you have "moved" content from one location on the file system to another, you will need to re-index that content by dragging it from the new location back into the AVAIL Channel where you have it indexed. This will essentially update the path to the content. Note that during the indexing process, the option of "Import folder names as tags" is selected by default on Step 3 of 3 during the manual index process. You should uncheck that box if you have merely changed locations and the underlying folder names haven't changed for that content to avoid any duplicate data.

If you are using the AVAIL Stream service to automatically add content to Channels in AVAIL, the Stream service should automatically remove the missing files from the Channel and add them back if the Stream you've defined is also set to monitor the new location on the network.