AVAIL Introduction Overview


Welcome to AVAIL, enabling teams to intuitively find, organize, and manage all of their digital assets. Let's take a look around. Your windows file folders may be effective at storing your content, but they leave much to be desired when it comes to finding, viewing and accessing the content you need. Instead of digging through thousands of files and folders searching for that Revit family you need from a past project, AVAIL uses a system of tags and filters to streamline your search and bring just what you need. Content is indexed into Channels. You can think of channels like playlists in your favorite music app, except instead of songs, it’s BIM content, or any type of content for that matter. AVAIL is content-agnostic which means any file type can be indexed, from rvts and rfas to pdfs and urls. Files remain stored wherever you think is best, local servers, the cloud, connect pretty much anywhere except your physical filing cabinet. AVAIL was built TO BE VISUAL. No more scrolling through endless lists of file names.

Quickly navigate through detailed thumbnails, get the information or inspiration you need, and get designing again without losing momentum.AVAIL also plays well with others. Drag and drop right into your application of choice. In addition to the desktop application, AVAIL also has powerful in-app browsers for the most popular design software. Preview and load families, sheets, and views from past projects, without even having to open the projects. Utilize in-depth analytics to understand usage, control quality, and provide insights into curating content.AVAIL. Designed by designers, for designers.

For more, visit getavail.com.

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