AVAIL Drag and Drop Functionality

Evan Knowles provides a quick tutorial on AVAIL drag and drop functionality.  Drag and drop is a core principle in product design, we give users the maximum flexibility to organize and use the greatest number of file types.



All right. So in this video, we're going to talk about the importance of drag and drop when it comes to content. So really when you are building, which we are, a very horizontal content management solution, it needs to work well with all applications. So that's really important because across the entire design workflow you're using a ton of applications, and all of them have different file types. So you need that one place where you can find your content but also readily drag it into your designs or your projects or your documents or your presentations. Whatever it is, you need to be able to seamlessly connect those workflows, and our platform does that very well with drag and drop into several.

So any application that supports drag and drop and supports the file type, we support drag and drop into those applications. I'm going to show you a few. So here is a Google Doc, so a document, you just drag that over instantly. Here is SketchUp. I go to my SketchUp channel here, I can show you how seamless this is and I can go to Rhino. So if I'm looking for shoes, I find my shoes and I can just drag and drop that out of our AVAIL Browser for Rhino add-in. That's going to put me right into placement mode there, or of course, Revit. And if I'm over here in the (AVAIL) Desktop and I go to my Revit channel, and I search doors, I don't know, let's say double doors, and you can see how connected all these workflows are, and seamless they are with our platform.

So if I know what I want, drag and drop puts me in placement mode and that goes right into my project. So that's what a short video is for, is to really prove and show, AVAIL works across all applications and file types, and that's really important because when you invest in a content management solution, our viewpoint is that it no longer makes sense to get a solution that is purpose-built for one particular file type or one particular part of your company. You need one that works across all of your company and all of the applications you're using. And that's what AVAIL is. So that's what I wanted to show you in this short video.