AVAIL - Custom Thumbnails

AVAIL - Custom Thumbnails How to add a custom thumbnail


In AVAIL, we allow you to create custom thumbnails for any file type, so that you can have a better visual interface. We work in a very visual industry, so we want you to be able to reflect that in the product, in your own environment. One of the best examples I can give here is Dynamo scripts.

Dynamo scripts don't normally have thumbnails, and so you have to create a custom one in order to have any kind of visual cue for that file. What I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how to add these custom thumbnails. I'm actually going to start by right clicking on this piece of content, in any open location.

You notice here all of my Dynamo scripts and you'll also notice that there are photo files in here as well. This is how you create custom thumbnails with these images. I'll show you how to do that now. I've got a file here that's a Dynamo script and I've got next to it, an image file.  And if you notice, they're named the exact same thing. This is important.

In order to create a custom thumbnail, you'll first create an image. You'll name that image the exact same as the file that you're trying to replace the thumbnail for, and it will default to that image. And they've got to be in the same folder. Once that's done, you'll see here in this channel, I've got that thumbnail rather than one of these blank images here.

It's pretty simple, but if you do it across all of your channels for files that don't have thumbnails, it'll create a really great experience for the end users and it'll probably help them find what they need a lot quicker. Because search is always very important to be visual. So we want to make sure we allow that. Thanks for watching.