AVAIL Browser for Revit - Project Mode

AVAIL Browser for Revit - Project Mode Quick Overview by Kent Lewis





So project mode is a feature that comes with Team and Enterprise plans of AVAIL. It's often asked about. So I wanted to take a quick minute to explain what it is. I'm in my AVAIL Browser for Revit here. And if you notice up here on the top right, there's a button and if you hover over that button, it'll say project mode. If you click on that, then what we're doing with project mode is we're basically redesigning what that experience for the project browser looks like. And the project browser, just like Windows File Explorer in your network is folder hierarchy based. So there's a hierarchy here of elements that you need dig down into.

And again, our belief is that we want to redesign what the experience looks like around content. And when you have a folder hierarchy, it can be a detriment to efficiency. So we took those same beliefs and put it into project mode. And now, this current project I'm in here is searchable. So if I wanted to search in this project, I can. And if I want to dig down into some of these elements, for instance, a single flush door, and we'll show you the types. There's one type, then we'll show you the instances. So it'll function just like the project browser, but it's just a redesign.

It will not only tab out the families, it will tap out the view sheets schedules in groups, and you'll have thumbnails here. So you can have these great thumbnails to provide a visual experience versus again, there's hierarchical experience here. So that's project mode, pretty simple, but it's often asked about. There's sometimes some confusion around what it does, but just know that it's a redesign of the experience of the project browser. So hopefully that helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the sales team. Thanks.