Whenever a user sees this message, it is typically due to either two reasons:

  1.  The path to the content isn't accessible, or
  2. The user does not have the permission to access that location

The following troubleshooting steps should assist in resolving this issue:

  • First, verify that the user can access the folder location from within a Windows File Explorer window:
  • If not, verify that the user has the proper drive mapped on their computer.
  • If it is mapped, verify that it is mapped to the correct location on your file server.
  • If the drive is mapped correctly, verify that the user has the necessary permissions to access the files at this location: 
  • Navigate to the folder on your file server where the drive is mapped
  • Right-clicking on the folder and select Properties
  • Select on the Security tab
  • Verify that the user, or a security group that the user is a member of, is in the permissions list and has the correct permissions set.

We suggest restarting the AVAIL Desktop application once you've determined that any of the above steps is the root cause for the issue. 

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