Q: I would like to change the default download file location particularly for the RPC all access files. I have changed the location which AVAIL has remembered, but when I download any data it reverts to the standard C drive location. Your comments help would be appreciated. 

A: It sounds like you set the global default download path under AVAIL Settings.  This is a default location in case a path has not been defined for a Channel in AVAIL. Each Channel can also have its own download path.  In the case of a Marketplace Channel (ie. RPC All Access) that path was set to a default location by the publisher.  You can change that by selecting the Channel and then clicking on the 3-dots icon at the upper right corner of AVAIL and choosing "Channel Details".  You'll then see details about the Channel including "Download Location".  If you click on the pencil icon you can edit the Download Location preference to your desired location.  Don't forget to click on the "Save Changes" icon after you've made the change.  Hope that helps!

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