Occasionally, we hear from users that they have shared a channel with someone at their firm but the other user cannot see the content or tags associated with it.  More than likely, this means the two users are not on the same plan.  In order to share content with another user, they have to be on the same plan as you are a member of.

Typically, this happens when a user registers at getavail.com, creates an account and logs into that account with their personal credentials and NOT the credentials of the firm.  If the firm is using AVAIL's Single Sign-on functionality (Enterprise accounts), the user would sign on using the firm's credentials, thus ensuring they are logged into the firm's plan.  

HERE's THE FIX: You will need to uninstall the .exe version and rerun the msi script so that the correct SSO install gets installed.  

You can check to make sure you are using the firm sign-on by checking to make sure you have the SSO file in the proper AVAIL folder here:   'C:\Program Files\AVAIL\adfs.config'

Finally, you may have indexed content in your personal plan that you want to migrate over (with the tags) to the firm plan, and if that's the case, please contact us at support@getavail.com to help move the metadata.  

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