Welcome to AVAIL! Let’s begin with a quick walk through of the essentials of getting started with AVAIL. You can get AVAIL up in going with four easy steps:

  1. Creating a Channel, 
  2. Adding content to that Channel, 
  3. Organizing it by adding tags, and 
  4. Finally sharing your work.  

Along the way we will give you an overview of the most important elements of AVAIL. 

What is AVAIL?

AVAIL creates software for the architectural, engineering and construction industry that helps professionals better organize, find, create and reuse digital assets for their complex projects. AVAIL’s content management system simplifies and speeds up production processes and helps teams work smarter.  Our unique approach has already been validated and adopted by many of the most influential firms in the industry. 


Channels help organize content across your network. You can create Channels based on anything, including projects, the type of content (Revit Families), or departments (Marketing). Channels are private until you choose to share them out with people on your team. By default Channels are private, meaning only you can see and manage everything in your Channel. Sharing your channel allows others to view or edit the content within your Channel. 

The Channel Interface

Channels Panel

Channels help organize content across your network. You can think of them as containers for viewing your content. Channels are private until you choose to share them out with people on your team.

Channels are divided into three categories: Pinned, Recent, All. The All tab will display all the Channels you are subscribed to. The Recent tab will display the five recently visited Channels. The Pinned tab acts as a favorite action. To reduce the noise of the Channels panel, a user can pin the channels they use most or that currently relevant to their workflow. Channels can be pinned by selecting the Channel you wish to pin and clicking on the Pin Icon or by right clicking on the Channel and selecting the ‘Toggle Pin Status’ option. 


Next to the Pin Icon, you might notice the 

 Sync Icon. This will appear when work is being done on that Channel, such as content being added or modified. 

Content Panel

Displays all the content in the current Channel.

Filters Panel

Content tags live within the filters panel. Selecting filters is the easiest way to find content.

Side Panel

Can show one of the following information panels: Channel Details, Content Properties, Channel Shared Users, Content Comments.

Step 1 — Create a Channel

In the Channels Panel, click the 

Create Channel Icon to add a new Channel. The Create Channel dialog will open. Enter a Channel name. You can add a description to your channel to understand what the the channel is about. The channel description is searchable and might help others find what channel they need by adding keywords into the Channel description. When ready, click the ‘Ok’ button.

Step 2 — Adding Content

Once you have created your first Channel, you can add content by simply dragging the content you wish to add into the Channel.

Adding content to a Channel is referred to as Publishing Indexing Content. The content is not being moved from its location, rather an index that points to that location is being added to AVAIL. Dragging content into a Channel will open the Publishing Indexing prompt. From here a user can decide what type of files they would like to add. They can include and exclude files and folders. They can also add tags to the files to be indexed. It is best practice to drag and drop the top most directory of the content you would like to add and use the include exclude filters to decide what you want and do not want in your Channel.

Step 3 — Organize a.k.a. Tagging

Tags are the bread and butter of AVAIL. They offer an organizational structure to your Channel and they make searching for content fast and easy. To add a tag to content right click on add select ‘Add/Remove Tags’.

The Tag dialog will launch. You can add new tags or select existing tags from a drop down list that appears when you start typing.

Tags help drive the Filters Panel and are a faster way to find content.


Step 4 — Sharing

Once you have finished organizing your Channel you can share it out with others. To Share a Channel navigate to the Channel you would like to share. Click on the More Items 

 menu in the top right corner of the application. Select the Shared Users option.

To invite users to your Channel, Click the Edit Icon  

  to add/remove users to a Channel and edit user permissions.

A few things about the Shared Users Panel. When a user has been successfully invited the Check Mark Icon

 will appear next to their email. 

The Envelope Icon 

 means the user currently does not have an AVAIL account and an invitation has been sent and is pending.

The Edit Icon  

 activates the Shared Users Panel. To save changes here click on the Save Icon 


You can begin to add new users by entering their email into the textbox. If you have previously shared a Channel with a user they will appear as recent user in the list. 

To add a recent user simply click on the Add User Icon 

. Once you have added users, you can edit their Channel permissions by either setting them to Can View or Can Edit. Users with the Can Edit permission are allowed to add tags and add/remove content to the Channel. 

To remove a user from a Channel hover over the Check Mark Icon

 and it will become the Remove Icon 

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