How do I create an AVAIL account?

Visit getavail.com/register or click here to create an account.

Manage Users

How do I manage the roles for my users?

Go to the Manage Account Portal on the website. On the right hand menu select the Manage Users option. In this view you can add and remove users. You can also set users application roles.

Who can manage roles?

User admins can choose who can create channels and edit content in AVAIL by
setting the user’s application role to publisher. Publishers have the
ability to create Channels, add/remove content, and edit tags.

How can I change a user’s application role?

To change a user’s application role go to the Manage Account portal on the AVAIL webpage.

  1. Go to the Team Members menu option on the left.
  2. Click the Edit User option next to the user you would like to edit.
  3. Choose from the Application Role menu which role to assign to the user.
  4. Click Save to finish.


What are the different roles and permissions within AVAIL?

  • User Admins – User Admins control the highest level administrative settings.They can add and remove users from the plan, set application roles, andmanage account settings.
  • Publishers – Publishers have the ability to create channels, add/removecontent, share channels, and edit tags.
  • Consumers – Consumers can view and consumer

Can I give someone edit rights to only some Channels?

Yes. When sharing your Channel you can set user permissions for the channel to either ‘Can Edit’ or ‘Can View’.
Even if the user’s application role is a Publisher, they will only be allowed to view a Channel unless given ‘Edit’ permissions.

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