An overview of the plan-specific features can be found here.


  • Anyone that would like to try AVAIL as a content management solution for an unlimited period of time.


  • For people ready for a better way to organize and consume their content libraries.


  • For teams ready to make AVAIL their solution for Content Management and expand their workflow capabilities.


  • For teams and individuals requiring advanced workflows, deep analytics, and SSO capability.


How is AVAIL priced?

See our pricing page here. Use our pricing calculator to find find which plan works best for you.

  • BasicStarts at $100 per user/per year.
  • TeamStarts at $3,750 which includes your first 25 users.
  • EnterprisePlease contact to discuss pricing for Enterprise accounts.


How is AVAIL licensed? 

AVAIL is licensed on a named user basis.  You will need to purchase the amount of licenses for the total number of users in your firm.

Can the software be used by persons outside the company?

No. The Licensee may use AVAIL only for the benefit of Customer and may not be used by users outside of Customer.

Does the agreement cover updates?

Yes. Licensee is entitled to use AVAIL and is entitled to all updates and enhancements that are made generally available to all users.

Does the license term automatically renew?

Basic and Team licenses automatically renew annually unless cancelled. For 3-year Enterprise Licenses the license must be renewed at the end of the 3-year term.


What is the level of support provided in an Enterprise contract?

AVAIL will employ the following Service Level Agreements for responding to Software Errors and Service Interruptions. AVAIL service availability goal is 99.9% uptime per year not including scheduled maintenance.

  • Telephone Support: +1 859.963.1616      9am – 5pm EST Mon-Fri
  • Email Support:      9am-5pm EST Mon-Fri
  • Service Requests: 0-8 hours      9am – 5pm EST Mon-Fri

What is directory service integration? What systems do you integrate with and how is it accomplished?

Enterprise contracts offer integration with your SSO providers like Active Directory, Azure and others. Our Development team will work with your firm's IT Admin to make the integration, and AVAIL will help configure installers to perform as requested and as necessary for firm-wide deployment. Any user on your SSO will be automatically authenticated for AVAIL without the need to manage separate logins.

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