Can we access our metadata if we decide to stop using AVAIL?

You retain rights to the metadata you create in AVAIL.

Does it work with my cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox, S3, etc.)?

Yes, if the cloud location is “addressable” (i.e. a mounted drive).

Does AVAIL require me to upload files to the cloud?

No, AVAIL lets you keep your files where they are today, and does not require you to move them to a separate location.

Do I have to reindex the folder if I add new files to folder?

Yes. The new files must be indexed via manual addition process.

Do I have to re-index a file if I’ve just modified it
(ie, i’ve opened it, changed it, and re-saved in the same location without renaming it)?


Can you open the folder where files are contained (right click to open folder)?

Yes. The files remain in their original location. Simply right-click the file in AVAIL and select Open Location; AVAIL will open the Windows File Explorer application and automatically select the file.

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